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Wolverton Mechanical Design and ABS Prototyping Inc. was established two and a half years ago.  Our mission is to provide inventors and companies with product development solutions using our knowledge experience and technology.  We have two prototype machines, the Dimension BST and the Dimension Elite.  The Dimension BST produces durable abs plastic parts and is capable of both solid and sparse .010 - .013 layers and a wide range of colors including yellow, green, blue, red, blue, gray, white, black and custom. The Dimension Elite produces durable super abs parts which are 40% stronger than what the Dimension BST produces.   This machine is capable of both solid and sparse .007-.010 layers and only three colors, natural, white and black.  The machines are capable of producing prototypes up to  8 X 8 X 12 inches in size.  Larger models can be printed in pieces and glued together leaving minimal seams.  Wolverton Mech. Design and A.B.S. Rapid Prototyping Inc. is owned and operated by Dana Wolverton Knudsen.  Dana has 16 years of experience in electro-mechanical and mechanical design, product engineering and A.B.S. modeling for various companies along the Colorado Front Range.