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                 Fort Collins, Colorado 80528
                 970-206-1857 Office Phone
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Wolverton Mechanical Design and A.B.S. Rapid Prototyping Inc. is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and offers A.B.S. plastic 3D rapid  prototyping services.  In addition, they offer mechanical design, electro-mechanical design and CAD services.  These services can benefit businesses and inventors by quickly producing new product designs for marketing and technical evaluation.
Rapid Prototyping Services
A functional prototype of your part or assembly can be produced at our Fort Collins facility.  Virtually any part that can be designed using CAD software can be produced in durable ABS plastic in a variety of colors such as white, black, gray, blue, green, purple, yellow or red.  We offer the best prices in the Colorado Front Range and are focused on meeting your deadlines.
Design and CAD Services
Mechanical and electro-mechanical design and CAD services are offered using Pro-Engineer or SolidWorks Software.  Our support team is knowledgeable, reliable, and detail oriented.

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Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping

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What are ABS Rapid Prototypes?
ABS rapid prototyping is a technology where a 3D computer model is used to build a physical part by laminating layers of ABS plastic, similar to a 3D printer.  It’s speed and low cost allow inventors or businesses to confirm their new designs early and frequently during the design process.  Some parts are useable in the direct ABS form, where others will be tooled for production in metal, plastic, or other materials.
Wolverton Mechanical Design and ABS Prototyping Inc. uses a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) system that extrudes a molten layer of ABS plastic and deposits it layer upon layer to build the prototype part.  The build material is in filament form contained in a cartridge which is loaded into the FDM machine.  The machine feeds the material from the cartridge to a head which melts the material.  The head moves in an X and Y horizontal directions, while the platform moves in the Z or vertical direction.  As each layer is deposited, the added material quickly solidifies and the build platform drops allowing the next layer to be added.  This process continues until a complete 3D model is produced.
Unlike some other rapid prototyping methods that are primarily designed to produce a part for visual or dimensional verification, FDM prototypes are high strength and in some applications can be used for functional testing.  Functional prototypes have been used in wind tunnel tests, camera mounts on an M1A Bradley tank and fuel mixing valves for a natural gas powered reciprocating engine.  ABS is highly inert to many chemicals and will not deteriorate quickly in outdoor environments.
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